USMNT Kits 2010-2016

2010       Home

Austin:  Grade   B+

The new interpretation of the sash trend begins with this shirt.  Chariots of Fire takes the go big or go home approach but I like that it is subdued, with a just a hint of visibility.

Tyler:  Grade B

Solid shirt for the 2010 World Cup. Love sashes, even when they are only slightly visible. In summary, a good kit outdone by it’s other color variation.

2010       Away

Austin:  Grade   A

Top five for sure.  Navy blue.  Check.  White sash that contrasts nicely with the rest of the shirt.  Check. I own this one, have it personalized (Junior #7) and wear it a lot.  Love it.

Tyler:  Grade A-

Great shirt. The navy with a white sash looks great, and it gets bonus points as the first shirt I ever owned.

2011       Third

Austin:  Grade B

Again with the checklist.  Red.  Good.  Sash.  Ok.  Navy blue shorts and red socks.  I’m conflicted because I should like this strip but for some reason don’t.  Decent effort.

Tyler:  Grade B

I like the red better than the white home shirt, but both are fantastic. I believe that this shirt could have been better with some slight modifications though.

2012       Home

2012-13 USA Nike Home Football Shirt

Austin:  Grade C+

Not so affectionately referred to as the Where’s Waldo shirt, I can see where Nike was going.  Wonder what it would have looked had the stripes gone vertical rather than horizontal.  As the Chariots of Fire post notes, there is a subtle sash, which I didn’t even know was on the shirt until I saw it in person. Too much!

Tyler:  Grade B

This shirt grew on me as time past and it looks really good with the box cut out for the front numbers and the back. The good run of form from 2012 to 2014 for the USA also gives this bonus point in my book.

2012       Away

Austin:  Grade C

The sash fad continues and I really don’t what Nike was trying to accomplish.  I suppose an amalgamation of retro US kits with a homage to the Arsenal home shirt highlighted by a very busy collar.

Tyler:  Grade B

I like the collar and the white sleeves. I think it’s a good continuous from the 2010 World Cup shirt, but not quite as good. To go along with my bonus points theme, Mix Diskerud scored his first goal against Russia wearing this shirt.

2013       Centennial

Austin:  Grade   A

The combination of something old, something new and something clean creates Nike’s best effort for the US National team.  The badge is shield reflecting the US flag and previous incarnations; the fabric and looks are entirely modern; and the navy blue v neck and accents on the sleeves make this a shirt worth having.

Tyler:  Grade A

Simplicity at it’s finest. The large centennial crest is great enough to make anything look good. Like Austin said, the navy neck and sleeves are great details. I know the crest was made specifically for 2013, but man imagine how good something like this could look for the United States in the future?

2014       Home

Austin:  Grade   C


I really don’t like this jersey.  (As a point of clarification, I’m a hater.)  If you have been following the review of jerseys, then I think it’s fair to say we have gone 30 years and come back to the same spot.  A very plain shirt (border line golf or polo shirt), a crest that is better than years past but with the lighter blue (or as Footy Headlines described it as “luscious blue“), and nothing distinctive. In the end, this shirt is a built in invisibility cloak.

Tyler:  Grade B-

I’m in the minority of people who think this shirt is pretty decent. The horizontal pin stripes are a small overlooked detail that I like. The small change to the color of the US crest is refreshing, but with many still calling for a totally new change it doesn’t help the fans opinion. Compared to the rise in quality shirts for the USA in the past, it’s a let down. However, it is not awful.

2014       Away

us 14 away

Austin:  Grade   B-

Saw the leaks in the lead up to the release and was hoping against hope that they true.  Alas, Nike has produced a nice merchandising link to Captain America: TheWinter Soldier. That or the jersey is an attempt to boost Bomb Pop sales.  Despite all this I do like the monochromatic crest, which seems to be a recent addition to several manufacturer’s bag of tricks.

Tyler:  Grade B-

Disliked this upon the first leaks, but it looks a lot better in person/on the field. However, like I said on the home kit, it’s a letdown after the latest kits in my opinion. While the USA’s World Cup shirts aren’t a failure, they still leave me wishing for something more. Not good, not bad, just solid.

2015       Away


Austin:  Grade   C-

Where do I start with the current away kit? The fact that we are still using an outdated crest with stars of no particular importance? The fact that the shirt uses royal blue which is significant because. . . it was used in the 80’s? The fact that icing belongs on cake not on top of performance designed equipment for world class athletes?

2016       Home


(Image courtesy of Footy Headlines)

Austin:  Grade   C-

There’s a lot going on here, with the new crest and the new template from Nike. At some point I may fully develop my thoughts, but for the point of this exercise, white home shirt makes sense but the sleeves look terrible up close, yet not so bad from far away. Will be interesting to see how this translates on TV. Still upset that Nike can’t use the colors of the flag especially when it’s right there on the new crest.

2016       Away


(Image courtesy of Footy Headlines)

Austin:  Grade   C-

Every sporting brand has to have a black jersey. The US finally got on the bus and . . . missed. Sleeves of different colors has created the nickname of the cop car on the interwebs. The appearance of a training shirt takes away from the importance of the strip, and in the end, my takeaway is that this looks like the uniform for an upcoming Hollywood comic inspired superhero team blockbuster. And that’s not a good thing.


Many thanks to the following blogs:

Project 2010.  Their post on US kits, which opened my eyes to the history of USMNT kits, was the inspiration for this project.  Follow them on twitter at @project2010usa.

Chariots of Fire Sport Blog. This blog covers sports in general and the post on US kits was informative and helpful in the formation of this blog.

Contributor Gianpy Belaunde has an amazing set of photos on instagram.  We used a couple in our posts and for reference.

We hope that you enjoy our thoughts and please visit our About the Writers page to learn about our individual projects.

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