JR’s Top 5 USMNT kits

JR Francis is the Chief Marketing Officer for Atlanta based soccer supporters group Terminus Legion.  As an avid collector of sports gear, he wanted to share his top 5. You can follow him on twitter @paynomind.


2003 Third


The best part of this kit is the logo. That should be our permanent crest, or some version of it. I like the sash and think we should make that an American thing. I don’t care for the sash going underarm to hip. I think it should go from shoulder to hip. That’s the only problem  have with this one.


1983 NASL Team America

Beautiful, distinctive stripes. Navy shorts and collar. Love collars on jerseys. This would be amazing to see in modern fabrics.


2010 Away

2010 us away

I could dig this as a solid entry for them to always come back to. The white sash is very bold on the navy. The red as an accent is the perfect amount.


2012 Home

2012 us home
I think the Waldo name is affectionate. I love the ghost stripe sash. I’m furious at myself for not owning one of these. What you want in a jersey is to have anyone flipping channels to immediately be able to identify the country. This jersey does it better than any other.


All three 1995 jerseys

95 away
If there came a rule that said there could only be one national team jersey until the end of time, this is what I would pick. Just gorgeous, distinctive, American. The number in the center front was dope, and I wish all replicas had SOME number there.

Many thanks to the following blogs:

Project 2010.  Their post on US kits, which opened my eyes to the history of USMNT kits, was the inspiration for this project.  Follow them on twitter at @project2010usa.

Chariots of Fire Sport Blog. This blog covers sports in general and the post on US kits was informative and helpful in the formation of this blog.

Contributor Gianpy Belaunde has an amazing set of photos on instagram.  We used a couple in our posts and for reference.