About the Writers

Austin Long lives in Lansing, MI.  A supporter of Manchester United and FC Barcelona, he also helps run Mid-Michigan United, a local soccer supporters group that brings fans of the beautiful game together.  He also maintains his own blog (http://soccernomad.wordpress.com/) and does a podcast (http://austinlong1974.podomatic.com/) focusing on Lansing soccer supporters and area coaches.  Please contact him on twitter (@austinlong1974) or send him an email–austinlong1974@gmail.com.

Tyler Trent lives in Blacksburg, VA. Tyler is currently pursuing a degree in civil engineering at Virginia Tech. In the mean time, he is a passionate fan of Manchester United and of soccer in the United States. Tyler is the DC United contributor for Total-MLS and has his own kit collection blog (http://www.kitnerdcollection.blogspot.com). You can contact him at kitnerdcollection@gmail.com or on twitter (@kitcollection.)

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