USMNT Kits 2000-2008

2000 Home

Austin:  Grade B

I really like the 2000 kits.  Simple v neck collar and a solid color for each shirt.  With the modern trend towards a tight fit (and if I bulked up), I think this could have crept into the top 5.

Tyler:  Grade C

Decent kit. Simple and clean, but nothing special. I like the collar of the kit.

2000 Away

Austin:  Grade B

The collar really pops on this one and I like the contrast with the navy blue shorts.  I agree with Project 2010’s comments: “there’s nothing distinctive” for this round of jerseys but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Tyler:  Grade B

I think the red works a lot better than the white. Good solid away kit, once again I’m a sucker for a red away kit.

2002 Home

Austin:  Grade C

This Nike template was awful.  Brazil, Nigeria, the US and other clubs and countries were victims of sharp angles and weird below throat patches.

Tyler:  Grade C+

I think this kit looks okay. I agree with Austin about the odd angles, but I feel like this was still a solid kit compared to some in the history of the United States.

2002 Away

Austin:  Grade D+

The shirt looks like a training kit and that’s not a good thing.  That pic of Clint Mathis, the swashbuckling redneck, is not helping matters.

Tyler:  Grade C-

Simple kit. Nothing good about it really, but nothing that offends me.

2003 Third

Austin:  Grade B-

I can’t remember every seeing the 2003 third kit.  As the 2010 Project post mentions, this a semi-throwback to the 1950 World Cup (issuing it 2003 seems weird to me) and the sash appears to be drooping rather than being sharp and bold from the top of the shoulder.

Tyler:  Grade B+

I love this shirt. I love the throwback look and Nike did justice with this. A fresh look at the US Soccer crest and a sash combine for a great shirt.

2004 Home

Austin:  Grade   B+

I own this one and liked this template in general.  I have the long sleeve version and the cuffs are very minimal which does not allow it to stretch out.

Tyler  Grade: C

Once again just a decent kit, I don’t really like the circled numbers, but it does give it a bit more character.

2004 Away

Austin:  Grade   B

I think the away shirt could have cracked my top 5 had the piping been navy blue or white rather than red.  Just doesn’t look right.

Tyler:  Grade C+

I think the away looks better than the home, but still not near one of my favorite kits.  Having name and numbers on these kits is a must.

2004 Third

Austin:  Grade   B-

Similar thoughts as the 2003 third shirt.  Prefer the red band but still looks like it was thrown on as an afterthought.

Tyler:  Grade A-

Love this shirt, better than the similar 2003 third kit. The red sash on white is a great.

2006 Home


Austin:  Grade   A-

Crisp white jersey with ring collar, vertical bands of red and blue that reflect the US flag, and navy blue shorts.  Fantastic.  Imagine this kit with the centennial crest.

Tyler:  Grade A-

Another great kit. A simple, but classic white shirt. It shows that you can have a simple shirt with a couple simple details and make it great.

2006 Away

Austin:  Grade   B

Call back to the mid-90’s with slight modifications.  I find myself liking this version much better and would pick it up if I found it on the cheap.

Tyler:  Grade B

A huge, modern improvement on the 1995 kits. This set of 2006 shirts is one of my favorites. I like the larger US Soccer crest that is on these shirts.

2006 Third

Austin:  Grade   B

This shirt is the transition between the retro sash and the sash of the future.  The sash starts higher, which I like, and the red of the shirt is appealing.  Collar is a little busy and floppy though.

Tyler:  Grade A-

Another one of my favorite shirts. Another red shirt, but with a great white/black sash and the retro US Soccer crest.

2007 Third

Austin:  Grade   C-

Awful.  The blue is odd and I hate the pinstripes.

Tyler:  Grade C+

Okay shirt, it’s different and I think with some modifications a pinstripe look could have worked for the United States here.

2008 Home

Austin:  Grade   C+

Meh.  After years of looking at this one, I’m still undecided on the collar.  The broad horizontal stripes with red accents really don’t do it for me.

Tyler:  Grade B-

I like this shirt. Has just enough going on to be a solid kit. I really like the inside of the collar on the 2008 kits as well.

2008 Away

Austin:  Grade A

Love the charcoal color.  Out of the ordinary and looks great with the accented red hoop collar and white shorts.  From time to time you’ve got to change things up.  Wouldn’t mind this as a third shirt in the future.

Tyler:  Grade B

Another solid shirt. Although it is pretty plain and simple, the use of a different color provides some new excitement and works well.


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